How to become one of our influencers?


Hey, thanks for taking the time to have a look at our online store. If you landed on this page it is probably because one of our reps reached out to you because they see that you may be a good candidate for our influencer program. So on behalf of the SK Family, welcome to your new family. We provide free items from our store as well as a 10% commission to all of our influencers around the world as a way of saying thank you for their continuous support and promotion on their social media to help our ever growing business reach new heights and be able to give more to our community.

To give you a little bit of history about us, we are a recently opened puertorican online store that mainly focuses on Street / Beach-ware clothing as this is the most popular fashion trend in our home island. We wish to provide high quality clothing and accessories to our customers as we expand to bring more high quality products from our store to your home. As you see we are not just limited to clothing... Being an online store means that we can connect with manufacturers all over the world to provide: Phone Cases, Backpacks, Electronic Gadgets, Face Masks and such much more. 

So where do you fit into all of this?

We need feedback and we need help spreading the word about our brand. By becoming an influencer you help us understand what the newest fashion trends are in today's day and age as well as give us inspiration to expand other fashion trends like fitness and formal-ware. Your voice will also be heard when you reach out to us to let us know about the quality of our products, this helps us keep our quality control at an all time high to ensure that you and our customers will only and always get the best there is in the industry at the fairest prices. Since we are offering commissions for every time your soon to be influencer code is used you can generate a passive income with us all from the comforts of your home and without having to make lifestyle changes.

Now let's get to the juicy details:

  • To become an influencer you must first go through our customer experience and purchase at least one item from our store using our discount code NEWFAM20 (Get 20% off your entire purchase). Then send us a screenshot of the order confirmation page to the rep that messaged you or straight to our Instagram inbox in order for us to find your order in our system and make sure all your items get to you promptly.

Why Purchase the first item in order to receive the others for free and get your personal influencer code?

  • As a small business we rely on the contributions you make in your first purchase in order to continue to provide high quality products to your followers. 
  • You also go through the customer experience first hand so you can promote us with confidence knowing you represent an honest and legit family business. From the moment you make your purchase up to when you receive our packaged products. You will be able to tell your followers how it all works in order to ease some concerns our future customers may have, that impede them from purchasing our products.

Rules and Conditions

  • We don't offer this spot to just anyone, otherwise this spot wouldn't really hold much value if anyone can be an influencer and not promote our store properly. So yes we do have some rules our future influencers must follow before even considering taking up the offer.
  1. You must be a follower in our Facebook Page (Familia SK) and Instagram (@ig.skapparel). These are our preferred social media pages to make our promotions and announcements.
  2. You need to subscribe to our newsletter 
  3. You must post your first item on all your social media pages (even if we as a business do not have an account on that platform). This helps us spread the word faster and more effectively about us as a company while we "The Owners" focus on bringing in more and better products for you to promote.
  4. You must continuously promote us at least 2-3 times a week and provide your followers your own unique discount code in order for us to track your activity and how many customers you bring in to our store every time you post.
  5. We (SKapparel) need to be tagged in all post that are relevant to us in order for us to grow our social media pages together as well as tracking your progress and be able to reshare your posts in our stories.
  6. NO PROFANITY OR FOUL LANGUAGE. We like to keep a good image and a good reputation with the rest of the world as we provide clothing for a younger audience and their parents. So your posts must not contain:
    • Excessive Nudity
    • Foul Language (In the preservation of humor, censorship is allowed)
      • (I.e. This shirt looks so f%&^@ dope I even got one for my dog, thanks @ig.skapparel)
    • Discriminatory statements
    • Over Sexualized or Sex focused imagery
    • Degradation of the company image (If you received a faulty or defective product please contact us directly via our messenger button on our store or send an email to the owner himself at and we will be sure to assist you A.S.A.P)
  • Follow these rules and we will be sure to send you free merch based on your activity every other month (the more people you bring in, the more high end the free product will be).
  • Commissions are paid every Friday @ 5pm EST with the pay periods starting every Saturday and ending the following Friday
  • Failure to follow any of these rules and we will not send any free merchandise nor send any payments for that week and you will have to request to be re-enrolled as our influencer within 7 business days. Otherwise, your spot will be given to someone else who will follow our rules (which to be honest... are not that difficult or demanding)

  • If you agree to these terms and are ready to start your influencer career with us and have get free clothes from us click/tap HERE to head straight to our store with the promo code already applied to your cart at checkout. We hope you enjoy being a part of our family once you become one of our influencers.

15-20 day shipping

Due to COVID regulation and the holidays right around the corner, shipping providers are getting swamped with delivery orders. Rest assured that we are working on reducing the shipping times for our deliveries.

20% off your first purchase

Use discount code NEWFAM20 at checkout and get 20% off your first purchase.

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