3 in 1 Phone , Smart Watch, Earbuds, wireless charging station.

$45.00 $60.00 -25% OFF

Hey... you tired of having to deal with a jungle of wires next to your nightstand? 

At this day and age we all have at least one variation of personal electronics such as phones , earbuds (with pod) and smart watches. Meaning we have to make sure all three of these devices are charged when our average electrical outlets allow for only 2 connections.

Did you also know a cable that isn't moved around getting pulled right at the most fragile spot is more likely to function properly for a longer lifespan?

So instead of looking for your next charging cable only to break it 3 months from now. Get our wireless charging station to start saving on future cables to be snapped or damaged and causing your phone's lifespan to dramatically drop.

Package comes with:

  • 3-1 Wireless charging station
  • USB Power Cable
  • FREE BONUS 2 port Wall plug

Get yours now and at $15 off, this offer is only available until current stock runs out.


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