100pre flow cinema Unisex Pullover Hoodie

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Time only moves forward and so do we. Arjay always wants to be on top of the latest fashion trends and that is what we are giving his fans as well. Wether it is to feel warm and cozy at home or dressing like a true pop star when you go out. This hoodie is perfect for any occasion.

 This hoodie has been made from one of the top AOP clothing factories to ensure that our family (you) only gets the best there is out there. Taking our time to make sure that all of our print designs are spot on and are perfect to take to any occasion without the worry of faulty production.

 Lets talk un poquito about what the hoodie is made of

  •  86% Polyester, 14% Cotton

This Cotton/Polyester blend ensures that our hoodies keep you warm and cozy while at the same time keeping a long lasting durability for you to take anywhere you go.

  • Classic Fit

We love hoodies that compliment our body and looks like a clean fit. So we decided to keep it a classic fit so that this hoodie can be as versatile as it is stylish.

  • 1x1 rib cuff and waistband with spandex

Since we know that many of our customers are fitness fanatics and are always on the move we made sure your hoodie feels snug no matter what you are doing. Wether it may be a jog by the beach, a simple stroll around town o pasandola brutal escuchando la musica de Arjay. Our hoodies will always be made to suit any activity you want to do.

  • Custom cut and sewn

This is what makes us stand out from the rest, we always produce by order. Meaning that your hoodies arrive to your door fresh out of the manufacture's factory. This makes sure that the quality of our hoodies are always top-tier and keeps shipping times relatively low.

So que esperas? Avanza y compra uno! Before we rotate our inventory and this hoodie design is stored away until we see our family wants more of it.

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