La Posa Canvas Wall Frame

30″ × 24″
14″ × 11″
16″ × 12″
24″ × 18″
10″ × 8″
Premium Gallery Wraps (1.25″)

Puerto Rico can be just as powerful as it is beautiful. This image shows the raw nature of Puerto Rico and its beaches. This view is located in "La Posa" beach in Arecibo, Puerto Rico. It oversees the neighboring island of "Casa y Pesca" beach. Hang it up on your wall to help you set your sights on your next travel destination.

Admit it, "Puerto Rico lo hace mejor" make sure all your guests know this when they enter your home to see that you are proud of your roots and love to show it off to everyone.


.: 100% Cotton fabric

Providing the highest quality cotton to allow for a clean and crisp final product for anyone to put up in their home.

.: Build with a patented solid support face

Avoid worrying about a hole being poked in this frame as the whole canvas is stretched over strong and durable wood to ensure the canvas doesn't loose it's tension.
.: High image quality and detail

We are just going to let the image speak for itself when it comes to ensuring the highest quality imagery and detail work when we turn our images from our gallery and turn them into a canvas for you to put in your home.

.: For indoor use

We make all our canvases for indoor use only since they are ensured to be protected from external elements that can damage the quality of the image overtime. Besides why would you want to put this outside. It's made for you and those who enter your home to appreciate the details one picture can have hidden.


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