Arjay's Avionsito de Papel Case Mate Slim (Iphone/Android)

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Everyone remembers their first, sometimes you really had to struggle for that first. This phone case design was inspired by Arjay's first hit single "Lejitos". All who carry this case can look at it and be reminded that nothing is impossible, even when your goals may seem far away.

These premium, super slim cases fit flawlessly, in the meantime being the strongest, lightest and most flexible cases on the market. The surface is perfect for high quality prints, making it a must-have style accessory.


.: Extremely strong plastic

Can survive up to 4ft drop (but who would want to drop their precious phones now a days) 
.: Super slim

Makes it easy to take in and out of your pockets without messing them up in the process. It will almost feel like the cover is the original backplate of your phone.
.: Impact resistant, durable
Though not bullet proof "yet", this phone case can handle most of everyday abuse from dropping your phone by accident to having a small object fall on top of it.
.: Rubber inside plate
This helps absorb some of the shock from the initial impact to keep your phone's internals still in one piece.
.: Supports wireless charging
Since many people are turning to wireless chargers (like the one we are selling) that can sterilize your devices using UV rays. We made sure that our phone cases are wireless charge compatible so that you don't have to worry about getting tangled up in your wires and cables.

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