(Pre-Order) LED Face-Mask with filter.

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What is the one thing we all love about the Holidays?...


We understand that 2020 was a rough year for everyone, quarantine regulations have made it difficult to get together with the people we love at the places we enjoy hanging out. But now, you can enjoy your holiday nights by being the center of attention when people see that you are not only looking out for everyone else's health, but they will also be completely mesmerized by the beautiful light-show provided by our brand new LED FACE-MASKS.

The Mask comes with the following:

  • Integrated LED lights with switch and battery - Thanks to the design by "JP Solar Lights" (a Puertorican Company), these masks resemble your average surgical face masks with just a tad bit of extra bulk to hold the battery and light switch button. (CHARGER CABLE IS INCLUDED)
  • Light Modes - We wanted these masks to go well with any outfit and be perfect for any occasion. With 7 different colors to choose from (Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Teal, Pink & White) and 4 different light mode patterns you can bet that you will be the life of the party in any event.
  • Adjustable Nose Wire and Ear Bands - We wanted to make sure everyone can enjoy using these masks no matter the anatomical structure of their faces. You can tighten or loosen the ear bands to better secure the mask over your face and ensure a comfortable fit by moulding the nose wire to your face preference. 
  • Inner Fold for Filter - Yes the filter is also included, the mask it self is made of surgical grade fabric meaning it protects you and those around you without the extra filter added. But for those who prefer to be extra safe, we got you covered by providing a PM2.5 Filter that you can insert into the mask's inner fold. (You can use other medical grade filters that are of similar size).
  • Cotton Carry Bag - Keep your new mask and its accessories well protected and organized inside the cute grey cotton carry bag we provide for you with the purchase of this mask.
  • Water Proof - The Masks are made to be Hand-wash ONLY. Electronics of the mask were made to be waterproof in order to allow the user to hand-wash the mask as many times as he/she wants

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